My research focusses currently on the following themes: Populism and law; The sociology of constitutions;  Constitutional politics; Transnational movements, politics, law; Constitutional democracy and civic participation; Social imaginaries, political imaginaries, constitutional imaginaries.

I am coordinator/participant in the following international projects:

– Reconciling Europe with its Citizens through Democracy and Rule of Law (RECONNECT) (H2020), see:

– Transnational Populism and European Democracy (TRAPpED) (Czech Science Foundation, 2018-20), see:

– Constitution-making and deliberative democracy (ConstDelib) (COST Action CA17135), see:

– Constitutional populism. Fried or foe of constitutionalism? (GlobalCOnPop) (Australian Research Council), see:

– Populist Constitutionalism (PopCon), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation (HFRI)).

A research project concluded in 2015, ‘Constitutional Politics in Post-Westphalian Europe’ (CoPolis), University of Trento, comparatively researched constitutional reform in four European countries: Hungary, Iceland, Italy, and the UK. Publications include inter alia:

  • 2017, edited volume, Constitutional Acceleration within the European Union and Beyond, Routledge Research in Constitutional Law, London/New York, Routledge.
  • 2017, ‘The Grande Riforma of the Italian Constitution: Majoritarian versus Participatory Democracy?’, in: Contemporary Italian Politics.
  • 2016, ‘Constitutional reform in Europe and recourse to the people’, in: Jorg Gerkrath and Xenophon Contiades (eds), Participatory Constitutional Change: The people as amenders of the Constitution, Routledge.
  • 2016 ‘A Political-Sociological Analysis of Constitutional Pluralism in Europe’, in: Jiri Priban (ed.), Self-Constitution of Europe: Symbols, Politics and Law, Routledge.
  • 2016, chapter ‘EU Democratic Oversight and Domestic Deviation from the Rule of Law: Sociological Reflections‘, in: C. Closa and D. Kochenov (eds), Reinforcing the Rule of Law Oversight in the European Union, Cambridge University Press.
  • 2015, chapter, ‘The European Crisis and Constitutional Claims from Below’, H.J. Trenz, V. Guiraudan, and C. Ruzza (eds.), Europe in Crisis: The unmaking of Political Union, Series in European Political Sociology, Palgrave-MacMillan.
  • 2015, with Krisztina Kovacs, ‘Hungarian Citizenship and Franchise Politics and their Effects on the Hungarian-Romanian Relations’, in: E. Baseska and D. Kochenov (eds), The Principle of Good Neighbourly Relations in Europe: Theory and Practice, Martinus Nijhoff.
  • 2014, with Baldvin Thor Bergsson, chapter ‘The Constitutional Experiment in Iceland’, in: Kalman Pocza (ed.), Verfassunggebung in konsolidierten Demokratien: Neubeginn oder Verfall eines Systems?, Nomos Verlag. 






















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