Editorial positions

I am a co-editor of the journal EJCPSEuropean Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology (EJCPS), an official journal of the European Sociological Association. EJCPS aims to be a forum for any work seeking to explore the relationship between culture and politics through a sociological lens. It welcomes both considerations of cultural phenomena in relation to political context, work that situates political phenomena within a cultural framework, and all points between these poles. In so doing it seeks both to address matters of immediate concern and to recover the broad sociological sensibility that was once a staple of the classical tradition.

I also am a member of the editorial collective of the journal Social Imaginaries. The journal inquires into complexes of cultural meaning and cultural projects of power. It SocImapresupposes an understanding of society as a political institution, which is formed — and forms itself — in historical constellations, on the one hand, and through encounters with other cultures and civilizational worlds, on the other. Social Imaginaries reflects on the human condition in modernity, which, amongst other things, ought to be centrally concerned with theoretical elaborations of and responses to the ecological devastation of the natural world. It pursues intersecting debates on (inter)cultural and historical varieties of meaning, power and socially instituted worlds. Various issues have been published since 2015.




I am further an editor – with Suzi Adams, Natalie Doyle, John Krummel and Jeremy Smith  of the book series Social Imaginaries, with Rowman & Littlefield. This ground breaking SocIma RLIseries aims to investigate social imaginaries from theoretical, comparative, historical, and interdisciplinary perspectives. Its objective is to foster challenging research on the burgeoning but heterogeneous field of social imaginaries, on the one hand, and the related field of the creative imagination, on the other. The series publishes rigorous and innovative research that reflects the international, multi-regional and interdisciplinary scope across these fields. The first volume has appeared in autumn 2017.